While top-down governmental and corporate sustainability programs are necessary and good, without consumer engagement they will not achieve adequate scale to make a substantial environmental impact.  It is critical for the average consumer to be part of the climate remediation effort.  Soli helps corporations activate their sustainability at the individual consumer level, bringing businesses and consumers together to save the Planet.

Surveys have shown that upwards of 65% of consumers say they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, but less than 20% actually do so*.  Few consumers who report positive attitudes toward eco-friendly products and services follow through with their wallets.  There is a gap between intention and action.  

Enter Soli.  We convert corporate sustainability into targeted, ROI-driven marketing solutions.  We turn corporate and consumer transactions into a sustainability-based currency that can add value to any product, service or marketing program by making them greener.  Soli’s patented technology breaks up bulk carbon offsets into fractional bits that can be used as incentives and rewards in marketing programs.  This makes customers, feel that they each can truly help save the planet, while also assisting brands in meeting their carbon neutrality and ESG goals.

Soli transforms corporate sustainability into customer loyalty incentives, allowing consumers to be a direct participant in sustainability initiatives.  Our patented technology breaks up bulk carbon offsets into small pieces called SoliPoints, a “Sustainability Currency” that can be used as marketing incentives or as mechanisms to make individual products or services green. 

Soli holds the only patent that allows the fractionalization of carbon tons for auditable and tractable distribution to consumers.  It provides the mechanism to help companies activate their sustainability programs, turning sustainability expenses into marketing expenses, enabling companies to accurately measure ROI, and helping companies meet their neutrality and ESG goals.  

Soli taps into consumers’ attention, providing a simple way for brands to enable their customers to bridge this gap.  We also serve as a sustainability transaction processor and service bureau, providing clients with sustainability products and services, and sourcing verified and certified offsets from trusted providers or using offsets clients already have.  

With Soli, every customer, product and transaction can have a positive impact on the environment. 

* Source:  Harvard Business Review

Non-Profit Partners

Climate Remediation

Soli’s sister non-profit, Climate Remediation Foundation (CRF), is a non-politically aligned organization focused on addressing and educating the greater public on the harmful effects of climate change.

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