Soli believes every customer, product and transaction can have a positive impact on the environment. We exist to help corporations and consumers work together to save our Planet. 

The world is finally focusing on the need to fight climate change. It is essential that we restore Nature. We know we need to cut global emissions by half by the end of this decade, and to do so we must modify the way we do business.

In a dramatic shift that only started in the last few years, companies are now including Sustainability in their business plans and operating systems, while also integrating ESG goals into every facet of their businesses. Examples include switching to renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiencies, and managing waste.

However, these are all internal goals and initiatives. In order to have a more impactful Sustainability effort, companies must include their customers. Without consumer engagement, corporate sustainability programs will not succeed in the timeframe needed to save our Planet. However, addressing this missing link has been a challenge for businesses. Consumers are increasingly aware of climate change and are giving their business to companies that are actively and authentically involved in sustainability.

Let Soli Help

It is critical for the consumer to be part of climate remediation. Yet to date there haven’t been effective methods for involving them in corporate efforts to fight climate change. Soli’s purpose is to assist corporations in activating their sustainability efforts at the individual consumer level, enabling everyone to work together to save the Planet. 

Soli provides companies with an easy, seamless way for their customers to have a tangible impact on climate change, and to do so with measurable ROI. Brands working with Soli will be seen as leaders in fighting climate change, while simultaneously providing the vehicle to turn their customers’ everyday purchases into auditable sustainability mechanisms. 

Non-Profit Partners

Climate Remediation

Soli’s sister non-profit, Climate Remediation Foundation (CRF), is a non-politically aligned organization focused on addressing and educating the greater public on the harmful effects of climate change.

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